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The Power of SkyRouter

SkyRouter is an entirely unique cloud-based Web portal designed and operated by Blue Sky Network to support the remote monitoring of globally dispersed mobile assets. Seamlessly integrated with Blue Sky Network's best of breed hardware, SkyRouter shares GPS position reports, special events, two-way messages and telemetric data. Users of SkyRouter and Blue Sky Network's products can operate with peace of mind. With SkyRouter, users can enjoy greater usability, functionality, and control over the data transmitted by every plane, ship, and vehicle under their watch.

The New SkyRouter Benefits

  • CENTRALIZED FLEET COMMAND CENTER: manage and instantly communicate with all land, aviation, and marine assets from a single platform
  • REDUCED OPERATIONAL AND CAPITAL EXPENDITURES: based on cloud-computing, SkyRouter does not require installation of additional servers or software; SkyRouter is a cloud-based Web portal accessible from anywhere
  • POLE-TO-POLE GLOBAL SATELLITE COVERAGE: The Iridium low latency global network is made up of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that provide coverage anywhere in the world
  • FLEET SAFETY AND SECURITY: alerts, two-way messaging, email, and geo-fence capabilities enable instant communication in emergency situations to keep your fleet safe
  • ELIMINATE MANUAL REPORTS: SkyRouter enables fleet managers to automatically generate mileage and trip reports for maintenance, payroll, and tax purposes
  • EASE-OF-USE: easy to use GUI interface, multiple map views, point and click interface, and web API make it easy for fleet managers to keep track of their assets.


Included in the SkyRouter Web portal is a feature rich mapping solution that enables fleet managers to easily track globally dispersed assets as well as manage multiple sites simultaneously.

Multiple Maps per Screen

SkyRouter supports multiple maps per screen and provides both road and aerial views making it easy for fleet managers to track widely dispersed assets in several locations.

Multiple Maps

Third-Party Weather Feeds and Gulf of Mexico Lease Block Map Overlay

The weather overlay feature streams information from providers such as Weather Services International (WSI), a leading meteorological information resource for monitoring, analyzing, and depicting the weather. The oil and gas lease block overlay can assists offshore transport operators with managing the transportation of personnel and equipment to production platforms and drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. When used in combination with the weather overlay, it helps to ensure the highest level of safety, efficiency and service by providing important location and environmental information affecting the asset within a single map view. These overlay features afford fleet operators a more complete view of their assets' changing environment and enabling them to quickly address any safety or operational concerns.

Third-Party Weather Feeds and Gulf of Mexico Lease Block Map Overlay

Traffic Flow Overlay

Traffic flow information from Bing Maps enables fleet managers to send notifications of changing conditions and are provided the opportunity to make routing adjustments to avoid heavy traffic areas and improve travel times.

Traffic Flow Overlay

Air Space Overlay

SkyRouter tracking data can be exported and used with other features, such as air space overlays, in Google Earth.

Air Space Overlay

Dual-Mode Mapping

SkyRouter enables Iridium and GSM (dual-mode) mapping features to track land mobile assets utlilzing Blue Sky Networks dual-mode tracking hardware.

Dual-Mode Mapping


Administrators can create geo-fences in SkyRouter for every asset. Notifications can be programmed to occur every time a vehicle leaves or enters any specific geo-fence. SkyRouter enables two means of creating custom geo-fences: circular (radiating out from a point) or polygonal.

SkyRouter tracking data can be exported and used with other features, such as overlays, in Google Earth.
SkyRouter enables Iridium and GSM (dual-mode) tracking capabilities.

SkyRouter Geo-Fencing


The SkyRouter portal provides email and messaging capabilities to and from assets in route or stationary. Email messages can be exchanged and organized into folders. The email suite supports standard features such as reply, forward, and delete.

Mobile Application for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

Mobile Application for iOS and Android Phones and Tablets

SkyRouter mobile application enables access to New SkyRouter on mobile phones and tablets, a fleet management portal for land mobile, aviation, and marine applications. With the New SkyRouter, application fleet managers are provided around-the-clock connectivity with assets via most Android or iOS mobile phones and tablets.


  • GPS location and map tracking
  • Fleet asset list
  • Active/inactive asset indication
  • Automated event reports
  • Drill down on asset events
  • Breadcrumb mapping
  • Compatible with most Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets

This application only works with Blue Sky Network's New SkyRouter cloud-based web portal – SkyRouter 1 login is not supported.

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