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Global Aircraft Tracking and Satellite Communication

Aviation Solutions
Blue Sky Network offers a comprehensive range of aviation solutions to keep pilots and their passengers in constant global communication, using industry standard technology such as Automated Flight Following. Whether you are looking for voice, flight tracking, and/or two-way messaging, we are sure to have the right kit to meet all of your aircraft satellite communication needs. And with Iridium Satellite as our service partner, you can trust that no matter where you are flying in the world, you will always be globally connected.
Tracking & Two-Way Messaging Solutions

IridiumGO!Iridium GO! - Global connection for voice and data communications on your smartphone or up to 5 mobile devices
HawkEye7200 Global fleet tracking and managementHawkEye 7200 - Portable asset tracking and M2M solution with bluetooth interface
D1000AD1000A - Powerful Iridium transceiver and compact control unit for tracking and two-way messaging.

D1000CD1000C - Highly affordable option for tracking to enhance safety and ease of flight operations.

ACH1000ACH1000 - Operates in combination with D1000A or D1000C for voice connectivity and two-way messaging features.
D2000AD2000A - Compact, carry-on tracking and two-way messaging transceiver.
HawkEye Portable TrackerIridium HawkEye Portable Tracker (PT) - hand-held satellite tracking and two-way messaging device.
HawkEye Portable Tracker PlusIridium/GSM (Dual-Mode) HawkEye Portable Tracker (PT) Plus - hand-held satellite/GSM tracking and two-way messaging device with touch screen.

Voice Solutions

ComCenterComCenter - Fixed Iridium voice and data solution rich in features.

95559555 - The ideal voice solution for those in need of a handheld portable phone wherever they go.

Iridium ExtremeIridium Extreme - whether you are traveling by air, sea, or land, the Iridium Extreme is the perfect companion to stay connected anywhere on the globe.

Iridium AxcessPointIridium AxcessPoint - Combined with your Iridium satellite phone, Iridium AxcessPoint creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, wherever you are in the world.

HawkeyeLinkHawkeyeLink - Bringing 2 way messaging directly to your smartphone.

SkyRouter Map
For the first time ever, dispatchers, logistics and operations managers, and even your own customers have the power to access global tracking information and control all of their aviation assets right from their desktops. Asset management and aircraft tracking has never been easier with our powerful SkyRouter.
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